"I love what I do. Every one of my projects is treated with an individual approach - using thought, insight and focus on your audience and the results we want to create"

Matt Hollands

Branding, Graphic design,
Typography, Art direction.


Branding / Website design

I was approached by the Fairclough Group to develop a name and brand design for a new company that specialises in creating innovative and forward thing workspaces. The direction was focused on how employers could get employees back into the office after the lockdowns and create a more hybrid workspace that people can enjoy and generate productivity.

The Strategy & Naming Workshop

Firstly we began to delve deep into what the brand is about, what it needs to say, why it exists in order to generate a name that is meaningful, purposeful, and communicates a forward-thinking vision. The discovery phase established the purpose, which is to improve productivity, work-life balance and getting employees back into the workspace after the lockdowns. The mission for the brand is to ‘Create workspaces for businesses to improve productivity and flourish’.

We developed a list of names that focused on the creation of a new space to work, each name was evaluated and then ranked, and then developed into the final name, NativSpace.

Brand Identity

This concept uses the idea of loving your place of work and the pride of working there. Taking inspiration from cities such as New York and the pride associated with being a native New Yorker. 

The icon combined a heart shape to evoke pride but also a bar chart to convey progress and imprvment in productivity.

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Graphic designer, branding, website design Graphic designer, branding, website design Graphic designer, branding, website design