"I love what I do. Every one of my projects is treated with an individual approach - using thought, insight and focus on your audience and the results we want to create"

Matt Hollands

Branding, Graphic design,
Typography, Art direction.



Branding / Brochure design

I was approached by ImpactEd to help them to refocus their brand style and create a more professional approach as well as communicate the effectiveness and impact they have on the schools they work with. ImpactEd is a not for profit startup with the aim of improving pupil outcomes and life chances by addressing the evaluation deficit. This is done through a digital platform that makes monitoring and evaluation easy for schools. www.impacted.org.uk


The Brief

The aim of the project to create a brand style that was; smart, professional style that communicates the positive impact on the pupils. The previous identity was inconsistent and featured colours that lacked incohesive. The brand needed to create a consistent theme that ran through all promotional material as well as infographics and charts and provide a youthful and informed message.


Brochure Design

The design of the brochure design needed to communicate the effectiveness ImpactEd has on the pupils and teachers of the schools they work with. To do this the imagery showed a variety of pupils and teachers and was placed into a variety of diagrams and charts style shapes and patterns, this provided meaning, and purpose to the brand as well as an interesting and exciting visual.


Results and impact

The new assets have allowed ImpactEd to successfully engage with new customers and have provided ImpactEd with a consistent brand package of templates and material, that communicates the message they want to communicate.


Client Feedback

Matt’s work has really helped us up our game when it comes to our visual branding. Everything Matt worked on, whether it was our PowerPoint templates, brochures, and reports, business cards or simply tweaking our logo, was very clear and well produced.

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Graphic designer, branding, website design Graphic designer, branding, website design Graphic designer, branding, website design